The SGR adopts, in compliance with the Consob provisions, a procedure suitable for ensuring the prompt handling of complaints submitted by customers. In particular, the SGR, having received the complaint from its customers, transmits a copy to the Compliance Function which, after recording it in the relevant register of relevant information (the essential elements and the measures put in place to resolve the problems raised by customers), will analyse it promptly, with the function from time to time competent, in order to communicate in writing to the investor the final outcome of the complaint, containing the determinations of the SGR. Any complaints must be sent to the SGR by registered letter with return receipt, or by fax or e-mail to the Compliance Department at Aksìa SGR S.p.A.- via Brera n.3 - 20121 Milan – Fax +39 02.8904635 - PEC:

Aksìa SGR S.p.A. adheres to the Referee for Financial Disputes (ACF), a system for the out-of-court settlement of financial disputes between intermediaries and investors other than the qualified counterparties referred to in art. 6 paragraph 2 - quater, letter d), and by professional customers as per the following paragraphs 2 - quinquies and 2 - sexies, of the TUF, governed by Consob. It should be noted that the right to appeal to the Referee cannot be renounced by the investor and can always be exercised, even in the presence of clauses of devolution of disputes to other out-of-court resolution bodies contained in the contracts. For more information, see the Consob Supervisory Authority website: