New Sustainability Report

Aksìa SGR presented the second edition of its Sustainability Report 2022 at the Annual General Meeting, the most important meeting between the Company and investors, partners, entrepreneurs and managers.

The report, titled "Creating Sustainable Value" and enhanced in contents and layout, reports to stakeholders on the strategy, governance model, and ESG management performance of Aksìa's investments and internal activities. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) presented are the result of the monitoring activity carried out regularly during the year and measure the effectiveness of the Responsible Investment Policy adopted in 2020, being in line with the currently most widely used and internationally recognized standards for non-financial reporting, such as the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and the Principal Adverse Impacts Indicators contained in the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

In addition to presenting the sustainability profile of the SGR and each company in the portfolio, the document (available at provides an overview of the investment portfolio through a summary dashboard on consolidated performance at the fund level and a representation of the contribution the companies are making to the international sustainable development strategy outlined by the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The path of gradual ESG integration does not stop and will also continue to improve the reporting model with the aim of making decision-making more effective and aligned with best practices, standards and regulations.

Looking forward to the next edition!