Aksia and the Kintek Group

Aksìa Capital V, a fund managed by Aksìa Group, announces the acquisition of a majority stake in Kintek Group, an international leader in the precision components sector. Specifically, the Group manufactures and markets machine tool holders for both lathe and milling machines. This is the tenth investment made by the Aksìa Capital V fund, which confirms its position among the most active private equity funds in Italy.

Kintek leverages three production facilities: in Mappano (Turin) where the company was founded in 1989, in Békéscsaba (in Hungary) and in Bologna, following the acquisition of GAIT Srl in late 2022. Today, Kintek Group is active in the design, production and distribution of precision components-such as toolholders, chucks, clamps and other accessories-for machine tools, destined for various sectors, from general mechanics to mechatronics, from medical to aeronautics. Kintek today serves more than 1,700 customers spread across almost all geographic areas, ranging from distributors to OEM and machine tool manufacturers. In 2022, the Kintek Group reported sales of more than €18 million, with an export share of 50 percent and high margins, and expects to reach €20 million as early as 2023.

A primary player in a fast-growing niche market, Aksìa recognized in Kintek the structural characteristics to pursue a growth strategy aimed at creating an aggregative hub through targeted M&A transactions. The entry of Aksìa Capital V in Kintek's capital, with a majority stake, will allow the company to consolidate its positioning in Italy and abroad with the aim of continuing geographic expansion in strategic markets to accelerate business growth. The development plan designed by the Aksìa fund also includes the completion of the integration process of the companies that are part of the Group with the aim of fully seizing synergies both at the production and commercial level, including through the strengthening of the sales and distribution network. Aksìa Capital V's project also includes a path of managerialization of the Group, which will begin from day one with the appointment of a new CEO who has strong expertise in the sector worldwide.

Confirming the validity of the growth project defined by Aksìa Group together with the new CEO, Ocean Merchant, through dedicated vehicles, will reinvest with a minority stake. Nicola Emanuele, Managing Partner of Aksìa Group commented, "We are very pleased to have made the tenth investment of the Aksìa Capital V fund in a fast-growing industrial sector such as Kintek, an Italian excellence operating in a niche market with great potential for expansion in Europe and the U.S." Sara Perillo, Partner of Aksìa Group added, "Thanks to the industrial and managerial approach that has always distinguished us, we want to accompany Kintek in its new phase of growth through managerialization, expansion abroad and by continuing the buy-and-build strategy already undertaken aimed at creating an aggregative pole and expanding the product range."

Alessandro Sebastiani, Chairman of Ocean Merchant added, "I am personally enthusiastic, together with all the partners and my closest collaborators, about this operation, which places at the center of its objectives an ambitious industrial plan and the enhancement of the Group. After a phase of important growth, the opportunity offered by Aksìa Group, with whom a strong understanding was established right from the start-especially in terms of strategic vision and contribution of expertise, including managerial expertise-is exactly what we were looking for to support our business plan and give a further boost in terms of accelerating the next phase of development."