Re-branding for the Covisian Group

Covisian Group, a leader in innovative customer eXperience solutions internationally, has just announced in partnership with Armando Testa Group its new brand identity. The company's new payoff, "Tech. People. Smiles.", summarizes the goal and purpose of "building a simpler world."
Handling more than 1 million interactions per day in 7 countries, the Group's ultimate goal is to make its principals and their end customers happy and satisfied by adopting outstanding customer eXperience solutions.
Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the BPO industry, the Covisian Group through this work of strengthening its positioning is committed to emphasizing the importance of ensuring excellence in customer management services, thereby ensuring the satisfaction of millions of people worldwide.

According to Gabriele Moretti, president and founder of the Covisian Group, "Over the past seven years, Covisian has become a multinational company, growing from 1,000 to 23,000 employees thanks to our proprietary technologies that have demonstrated extremely high scalability. More and more principals who really care about their end customers are choosing us as their partner. We are a tech company involved in the core processes of customer eXperience. Digital channels and artificial intelligence are ineffective without a team of people motivated to manage human contact with customers. We want end customers to be satisfied, and the new payoff wants to focus our Group's attention precisely on this virtuous circle: tech, people, smiles."
The new payoff thus testifies to a philosophy according to which innovation, which has always been a pillar for Covisian, is put at the service of people and their experience in dealing with different market players:

  • "Tech: Investment in new technological solutions has always been the common thread of Covisian's business, an asset that has found its most recent expression in offering innovative services for the metaverse ecosystem by launching the first Avatar Customer Care service.
  • "People": people are at the center. In fact, technology is seen by the Covisian Group as supporting people's work and lives.
  • "Smiles": the smiles are those of the principals, their end customers and our employees. All this is made possible by the right interaction between "tech" and "people."

The Covisian Group has successfully launched into the market some of the most cutting-edge solutions in recent years, creating an advanced artificial intelligence tool to improve the capabilities of contact center telephone operators and, more recently, launching a package of new advanced services, including the first customer service in the metaverse. What this rebranding effort goes to reinforce and underscore is the company's desire to want to keep, despite continuous innovation, people at the center, as the essential driver for being able to achieve and maintain corporate purpose and promise.